Privacy Statement And Complaint Process

Tops Education respects the privacy of all parties with whom we deal. Tops Education adheres to the principles contained in Australia’s Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

Collection of personal information:

Tops Education collects students’ personal information insofar as it is necessary for processing applications and otherwise efficiently performing services sought by students. Information typically collected would include; name, address, contact details, educational background, family contacts, credit card details and visa details. Tops Education does not collect superfluous personal information in order to create a database for any other party’s use.

Use of personal information:

Tops Education will normally only use your personal information in connection with the service you require. In most cases, this will be in connection with applications to educational Institutions and for visa applications. Some of the information could be used in Tops Education promotional materials. Tops Education may at times be required by law to supply your personal information and in particular to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Australia under the eVisa guidelines.


Wherever required by law to obtain your consent before supplying your personal information, Tops Education will seek your consent.

Access to personal information:

Phone number :
Email ID :


Tops Education is committed to dealing with complaints in accordance with the rules of natural justice. Implicit in this is the necessity for the following:

    1. The complainant is to be allowed the opportunity to be heard in a manner which provides sufficient time and information for the complainant to prepare a statement.
    2. The person considering the complaint should do so with an open mind and without bias.
    3. The complaint is to be dealt with promptly.
    4. Any decision is to be conveyed to the complainant in writing.

Complaints procedure

If a student has a complaint, whether against Tops Education or a higher education provider, he/she should complete a ‘Contact Us Form’ available on the Tops Education website. Students may also post or email their complaints to

Responding to your complaint

After you have lodged your complaint with one of the above, he/she must answer you in writing within fourteen (14) days. If you are not satisfied with the response, you can request that the matter be referred to Country Director, who will provide a written reply within a further fourteen (14) days.